Cemetery Executive,

We’re excited to introduce Simply With You, a revolutionary service that allows families to keep their loved ones close by creating personalized Video Memorial Plaques.

Target Audience:

Our product is designed for your existing customers who have loved ones resting in your cemetery. It’s a meaningful way for them to cherish memories and create lasting tributes.

Sales Expectations:

We anticipate that approximately 10% of your existing customer base will be interested in purchasing our unique Video Memorial Plaques. Through social media promotion and word-of-mouth, we also expect to attract new clients.

Strategic Collaboration:

We’ll utilize your Customer Data for precise email marketing campaigns. Additionally, we recommend strengthening your online presence by integrating our marketing materials into your website.
Consider bundling our product with existing funeral packages for your new clients.

Revenue Sharing:

Through this partnership, you can earn up to 40% of all sales generated through your networks. We encourage you to use your discretion in allocating a percentage to your sales team from your Revenue share.

We look forward to discussing this

Partnership Opportunity

in more detail with you. Please feel free to reach out to us to schedule a meeting and explore how Simply With You can benefit your cemetery business.

Pablo Duobert